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Information and Communication Technology(ICT) Center

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre develops, implements and supports Information Systems and Applications that support the academic and administrative processes of the school.

The Centre also provides access to ICT resources; supports and maintains the School ICT facilities. Our goal is to ensure that staff and students of the School have guaranteed access to ICT resources that facilitate learning, teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge.

The core function of ICT Centre is to assist the School enhance the innovative use of ICT products and services to support teaching, learning, research and administrative processes. ICT is a prime mover of performance and ICT Centre will continue providing services to the entire School community in order to maximize productivity.

ICT Centre will continue to develop and roll out innovative service delivery solutions in order to support the core functions of the School. ICT is an integral part in the management of the School functions. This is achieved through relevant Management Information Systems.

ICT Center Building

However, the following are the functions of the School ICT Center:

  • To develop and implement an evolutionary ICT policy and strategy that is sensitive to emerging technologies and responsive to changing needs and practices
  • To guarantee the security of ICT resources and the safety of people working in ICT environments
  • To enhance skills to develop, implement, support and exploit ICT resources effectively and efficiently
  • To provide quality network infrastructure and improve student & staff access to ICT services in line with School priorities
  • To ensure that business systems accommodate and facilitate changes in business practice that reflect changing institutional, staff and student needs
  • To advance the need for adequate and sustainable ICT funding from within the School and develop capacity to attract external resources.

ICT Training LAB

Services offered:

In a bid to realize this mandate, the Centre gives the following services: -

  • Information Systems Development and deployment
  • Communication & Network Infrastructure services
  • User Support and Maintenance Services
  • Consultancy, Innovation and R&D

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  • SEP

    2nd Sem.Lectures

    2nd Sem. 22/23 Sess. Lectures Starts

  • OCT

    Academic Booard

    Academic Booard Meets

  • OCT

    End of Registration

    2nd Sem. 22/23 registration closes

  • DEC

    Semester Exam

    2nd Second Semester Exams Start

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