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Convocation Levy can be paid on Matter: All applicants for HND, PPD, PD and PGDGIS who are from other institutions are advised to apply for their transcripts from their various schools ----2019/2020 Academic Session Resumption: 2019/2020 Academic Session commences on Friday, 10th of January, 2020. Consequently all students are excpected to come with letters of undertaking to be of good behaviour from either Parents, Guardians or Sponsors.----

Objectives of the School

In addition to the core academicals and training objectives, the school has other objectives such as Social, Economic, Political and Technological as stated below:

Social: The social objectives of the school are:

  • To uphold the best social values and norms of our society;
  • To promote the concept of social responsibility within its immediate and external environment;
  • To promote the Physical, Mental and Social well-being of its graduates; (iv) To foster the spirit of self-discipline and self-sacrifice;
  • To encourage the preservation and development of human values and respect for fellow human beings.

  • ECONOMIC :The economic objectives shall be to:

  • Foster the spirit of hard work and consequently high productivity with a view to increasing the nation’s wealth and improving the quality of life of Nigerians.
  • Strive to turn out component professionals, technologists and technicians who shall practice and maintain the standard of their profession.
  • Engage in consultancy services and other economic ventures which might improve the technological and financial standing of the Institution.

  • POLITICAL.The political objectives shall be to:

  • Identify and promote civic responsibility among Nigerians
  • Inculcate in its students/graduates the spirit of tolerance of the divergent shades of opinion.

  • TECHNOLOGICAL OBJECTIVES: With the abundant natural and human resources with which Nigeria is endowed, there is crying need for the exploration of these resources to the nation’s advantage by the acquisition and development of technology. As these objectives should be seen as a pivot on which the existence of the school hinges, the Institution should endeavor:

  • To keep abreast of all technological development. In this regard, the school should be able to convince government of the need to fund applied research adequately.
  • Strive to turn out component professionals, technologists and technicians who shall practice and maintain the standard of their profession.
  • To emphasize self-reliance by striving to improve indigenous technology
  • To encourage in its graduate a scientific and rational approach to life in general by exposing them to the ideals of objective and balanced thinking.

  • EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES. Since it is the desire of government in setting up Monotechnic to have the twin goals of academic excellence as well as meeting the manpower requirements of the national economy, the educational objectives will be seen largely in the Institution’s attempt to produce competent and lower technicians:

  • To strive for excellence in education through acceptable curriculum that are designed to produce well-groomed graduates.
  • To endeavor to expose students to such educational standards and programmes that are designed to improve their competitive advantage.
  • acquire sufficient facilities, both physical and human terms, and rationalize their use with a view to giving the best instructional training to its graduates.
  • To encourage meaningful interaction between staff and students both in house and externally.
  • To encourage its staff to contribute to learned journals/publications and also create an atmosphere conducive to publication of textbooks, reading materials, scientific enquiry and inventions for the greater glory of the Monotechnics in particular and that of the nation in general.

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      2019/20 Matriculation Ceremony

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      End of SIWES

      End of SIWES Programme for NDII

    • MAR

      ND II Resumption

      ND II Resumption Date & Beginning of Lectures

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      Revision Week

      Revision Week for all non-NDII Students

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