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Payment of school fees, acceptance fee and student registration on resumption date for 2nd semester 2021/2022 academic session is 31st of October 2022.----Students are hereby enjoined to adhere strictly to COVID-19 guideline for preventive measures.----



i.         Beginning of online registration for fresh students 6th June, 2022
ii.        Resumption date for both fresh and returning students 24th June, 2022
iii.       Beginning of online registration for returning students 27th June, 2022
iv.        Beginning of Lectures 4th July, 2022
v.         End of Registration (Both fresh and returning students) 8th July, 2022
vi.        Late Registration ( Both fresh and returning students) 11- 22nd July, 2022
vii.       Academic Board Meeting 10- 11th August, 2022
viii.      Matriculation 17th August, 2022
ix.        End of SIWES Programme for ND II (16 Weeks) 19th August,2022
x.         Resumption date and Beginning of Lectures for ND II 22nd August,2022
xi.        End of lectures 9th September,2022
xii.       Revision week 12th-16th September,2022
xiii.      1st Semester Examination 19th- 30th September,2022
xiv.      Project Defense(PD 2020) 10th-14th October,2022
xv.       End of Lectures for ND II 13th October, 2022
xvi.      Revision week for ND II 14th -18th October, 2022
xvii.     Survey Camp 2022 17th -30th October, 2022
xviii.    1st Semester Examination for ND II 19th -28th October, 2022
xix.     Academic Board Meeting 26th -28th October, 2022
xx.      Resumption for 2nd Semester (All Classes) 31st October,2022
xxi.     Beginning of Lectures for 2nd Semester (All Classes) 1st November, 2022
xxii.    Convocation Programme 12th -15th December, 2022
xxiii.   Christmas and New Year Break (Staff and Students) 23rd Dec,2022 – 8th January,2022
xxiv.    End of Lectures 20th January, 2023
xxv.     Revision week 23rd -27th January, 2023
xxvi.    Registration for fresh studnts 19th January,2023
xxvii.   2nd Semester Examination 30th January,-10th Febuary,2023
xxviii.  Project Defense (ND II & HND II) 20th -24th February, 2023
xxix.   Academic Board Meeting 1st – 3rd March, 2023
xxx.    Resumption for 1st Semester 2022/2023 Session 10th March, 2023

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  • OCT

    2021/2022 2nd Sem. Resumption

    The School resumes on 30th of October, 2022 for 2021/2022 academic session.

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